GCF, Inc. is here for young men in grades 6 thru 12, for the community in need of assistance during emergencies and disasters and is here to encourage and reward volunteerism because it truly takes a village to effect positive changes in lives.

Groove Community Foundation, Inc. Community Services


Groove Leadership Academy

The Groove Leadership Academy is the premeire, national model program that offers young men an alternative to the marginal lifestyle many face today. GCF, Inc. recognizes the challenges that the young face today are multifaceted and have a variety of sources: their own neighborhoods, negative messages in the media, and sometimes from within their own families. The Academy exists to change the script for African American males from one of incarceration, homelessness, and substandard living to one of inclusion, success, educational advances and a productive, positive life.


At the core of Groove Leadership Academy:

  • Leadership,

  • Community Service,

  • Character/Mentoring Lifetime Skills.  

  • Education,

  • Creative and Critical Thinking,

  • Career Connections, and

  • Entrepreneurship.


The programs reaches out to junior high students in grades 6 through 8, and high school males in grades 9 through 12. The young men are referred by parents, teachers and often by other young men already enrolled in the program. The program is designed to run concurrently with the school year and works in partnership with local schools to provide the best opportunity for these bright, energetic young men to become the best in thier communities and headed down an avenue to success. Groove Leadership Academy becomes the village that provides the safety net for those who often have none.

The program exposes young men to a variety of options in life, focusing on their vision and goals for life. The young men are taken on tours of colleges and univeristies, taken to workplaces of interest to them and provided the opportunity to give back to their community by volunteering with United Way, homeless shelters and other areas of need.


Emergency and Disaster Relief

Often, the most vulnerable of our communities are the hardest hit and the

slowest to recover from natural disasters or unexpected community

emergencies. The Groove Comminity Foundation, Inc. offers financial

assistance to those in need after disasters such as fires, earthquakes, hurricanes,

tornadoes, floods or other disasters that disrupt the communities normal routine,

bringing everyday events, such as working or grocery shopping, to a temporary halt. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Groove Community Foundation, Inc. provides robust volunteer opportunities for its core members and for interested members of the community. Giving back is the mantra that many hear but few follow. Sometimes it is because there is no one that reaches out. Groove Community Foundation, Inc. reaches out and trains others to work to build a stronger community. The volunteer work is recognized by GCF, Inc on a regular basis, because there is always the need for additional help with the various programs that the Foundation offers the community.