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Mentoring. Community Service.


Dedicated to teaching

tomorrow's leaders today.

Serving Mankind to Self-Actualization


The Groove Community Foundation, Inc. was established to make a positive impact on lives, especially the lives of African American boys who face sometimes seemingly unsurmountable struggles - and to aid community members who have been affected by disasters and emergency needs. Groove Community Foundation, Inc. has been responding to those community needs for the past nine years, providing leadership, mentoring and disaster relief as a volunteer driven organization. 


The truth is that there are many in America who still lack the basic opportunities for good education, decent healthcare, adequate shelter and certainly lack adequate socioeconomic support when disaster strikes. This is true throughout America, but is keenly felt by African American males where it is estimated that it would take the African American male population fifty years to reach the economic and social plateau enjoyed by white males. In fact, there is a common addage that say, "If the rest of America catches a cold in the face of disasters or severe economic challenges, then the African American community will have the flu."



Groove Community Foundation, Inc. provides the important components that make a community and the African American male healthy and productive by offering:


  • Mentoring

  • Leadership

  • Emergency and Disaster Relief

  • Volunteer Opportunities

  • Education 

Community Impact

People are a part of commmunities, each life affecting the lives of others. Groove Community Foundation, Inc. has a far reaching, positive affect on the lives of:


  • Young men, particularly African Americans,

  • The homeless,

  • Disaster and emergency victims, and

  • Volunteers

It takes a community to grow a leader!
The Groove Community Foundation, Inc. Impacts Lives


"...the members of the Corpus Christi Conference and volunteer staff of the Stone Mountain Saint Vincent de Paul Thrift Store would like to  express out gratitude to Groove Leadership Academy...It was a pleasure working with all of you. Thank you for choosing our store to volunteer, your work helped us immensely in our work to serve the poor of this community."

                                                                 - John A. Schauber, Manager









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